creative minds.

We're a team of passionate people who love creating software. We see it as an art form, and take great pride in building amazing web and mobile applications.

Everyone on our team brings a unique set of multi-disciplinary skills to help craft every project with a great deal of pride.

From the moment you start working with our team, you'll find top quality and highly vetted engineers, designers, product managers, and account managers ready to take on your project.

Some companies believe that keeping the client happy is their only goal. We take that a step further. We believe that creating successful applications is ultimately what makes every client happy. We are an extension of you and your team, we become deeply invested in your success right from the start.

We're the very best at what we do - but that's not hard, when you don't want to do ANYTHING ELSE!

Some Awesome Companies We Have Worked With.

We service the digital trinity.

We've been building custom software and app solutions for some of the world's largest companies since the 1990's. Innovation is built into our DNA, and we're here to offer it to you (innovation…not our DNA).

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The PhD Process.

The PhD Process has helped us launch thousands of projects in all shapes and sizes. Our team has turned this normally chaotic world of development into an exact science using 3 simple steps. We double dog dare you not to develop with us!

Design It.

Every technology development begins with a blueprint. This first phase of our process allows our team to learn your business needs and translate that into world class technology.
This process starts from wire framing an application, to building a full prototype. Our Information Architecture plan is what makes PhD Labs a software launching machine.

Build It.

Our senior-level staff is skilled in multiple disciplines with decades of experience in a wide range of information and communications technology. In this second phase of our process we code, program, and test extensively.

Launch It.

This final phase of our process is almost always the most underestimated by development firms. Project launch is usually the most critical and sensitive step in our process. We take great pride in getting our work to market. We help our clients get their products to market as quickly and efficiently as possible with out completely destroying their day to day process, this is a very tricky and vital step in our business.

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Louder than words.

PhD Labs, we're more than just technology experts – we love great design. We focus on the initial impression and impact that your web app or mobile app will have on your customer. User Experience (UX) defines the customer experience while interacting with your web app or mobile app, and will impact their impression on your brand. PhD Labs understands the importance of UI/UX, and the role it plays in turning prospects into customers and customers into fans.